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HTML5 Almost Touched The Finish Line

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More and more people are coming to believe that HTML5 is going to take over the web in the near future; others say it's not going to happen. The largest proponent and principal architect behind HTML5, the W3C, argues that HTML5 is the future of web design and development, and its recent development encourages to prove it. HTML5 can not only be used for web design but also for app development.

The W3C publicized the "Full definition of HTML5 and Canvas 2D applications" recently. These are not adopted as standards by W3C yet, but it presents a vital step forward for the Web and related technologies. Those who were in serious doubts can now start development in HTML5, just because a stable version is out.

HTML5 may have been declared feature complete and stable, however W3C is not yet finished with the Web standard. They say that browser compatibility and fragmentation still continue to remain a problem with few browsers lagging behind others in terms of adopting HTML5. The group's new concern is to make certain HTML5 is interoperable across every major browser. They anticipate to have this finalised by mid-2014 and then they would publish a final HTML5 recommendation.

A couple of W3C members expressed their views on this outstanding achievement. All were excited to see that HTML5 is fit for its greatest debut yet.

It will be intriguing to see how additional players in the World Wide Web take HTML5. Now that it's features are completed, some have already started using it and let’s hope the others who were stuck to Flash and other plugin-based Web technologies just because HTML5 wasn't sufficient for them yet, would also try to switch over. It's still remains a mystery if these advancements would increase HTML5 adoption across the Web, the way it’s being anticipated.